Emergency Act taxing powers

Global News has just confirmed that federal government wants to give itself unilateral power to raise and cut taxes without parliamentary approval until December 2021.  This is an outrageous abuse of power and absolutely must not be allowed.  Trying times likes these are where parties should be working together, not times where governments should try… Continue reading Emergency Act taxing powers

Elizabeth Warren drops out and Kenney endorses O’Toole

Elizabeth Warren has dropped out after finishing third in her home state of Massachusetts.  This is no surprise as she really had no path to winning the nomination.  The question becomes what is the impact.  She is a progressive so should help Bernie Sanders a bit, but unlike Sanders still more establishment and also wanted… Continue reading Elizabeth Warren drops out and Kenney endorses O’Toole

Super Tuesday Predictions

I will have more on this once results come in.  California due to mail in ballots could take a while especially close.  But anyways here are my predictions on winners. Biden Virginia (comfortable not blowout) North Carolina (comfortable not blowout) Tennessee (comfortable not blowout) Alabama (Blowout, his biggest win) Oklahoma (comfortable not blowout Arkansas (comfortable… Continue reading Super Tuesday Predictions