Trudeau Midterm Report Card

Today is exactly the half way mark in Trudeau’s first term as the election was held 2 years ago plus a day and the next one will be 2 years ahead plus a day. So here are the marks.

National Security – C+
Aboriginal Affairs – B
Economy – D
Finance – F
Taxation – D
Deficits – F
Government spending – D
Justice – C+
Marijuana Legalization – C
Environment – C
Climate Change – C
International Trade – B+
Canada-US relations – B+
Foreign Affairs – B-
Transport – C+
Natural Resources – D
Culture – D
Veterans Affairs – C-
Defence – C
Democratic Reform – D
Minority rights – B
Labour – D
Immigration – B-
Health Care – C
Federal/Provincial Relations – C-
Ethics and Accountability – C-

Overall grade C-
Personal Rating of Justin Trudeau – D
Performance of Justin Trudeau – C-

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