Politics in brief while away

I am back now and here is an update on my thoughts on the few things that I have happened while I was gone. To make it simple I will go by jurisdiction.

British Columbia

– BC government is now consulting on its move to proportional representation. I filled out the questionnaire online and while not blatantly biased like some claim, definitely feel the government will try to push things in their favour. I will have more on this as we get closer and why we should stay with a majoritarian system.
– John Horgan approves Site C Dam, which I believe was the right decision despite the political fallout and probably one of the few times you will see me saying anything good about the NDP government.
– BC Liberal race is shaping up nicely and I have been impressed by the quality of candidates and ideas. Unlike some in the federal Conservative race who tried to propose outrageous hard right proposals, all candidates are making sensible ones based on good governance and what works well, not trying to be as right wing as possible. I haven’t decided whom I will back, but whomever wins will definitely have my full support in the next provincial election. Couldn’t say the same in the federal Conservative race however.


– The Ontario PCs put out their platform which on balance seems like a low risk reasonable one. I didn’t agree on everything, but on the whole I think it is far better than what Ontario currently has and more importantly it will be tough to paint the Ontario PCs as right wing extremists. Certainly if I still lived in Ontario, I would have no problem getting fully behind the Ontario PCs and for the sake of Ontario and Canada, I hope they win a majority next June.


– Justin Trudeau made a trip to China to begin talks on a free trade agreement, but seems to have faltered and the Chinese didn’t particularly like the idea of inserting chapters on non-trade related things like labour, gender equality, environment etc. As someone who has travelled to 50 different countries here is a word of advice to Trudeau: learn about each country before going, don’t assume because you are treated like a celebrity that everyone is just going to agree with your agenda. Smart businesses realize you have to behave differently in different countries and it seems despite Trudeau’s big talk on embracing diversity, he fails to understand many countries do not share the values of the Liberal Party of Canada.

United States

– Tax cuts are getting closer to reality and hopefully by next week we will know if they go through or not and the potential impacts. Seems the corporate tax cut will be slightly less while tax cut to the wealthy slightly larger. Both if passed will reduce Canada’s competitive advantage although not devastate it. Will have more on what I think the possible fallout is after the vote is held and if it passes.

– Trump once again re-tweets three tweets from the far right Britain First leader Jayda Fransen. While these are beyond dispicable in all ways, I am not surprised as nothing with Trump really surprises me anymore. This just once again proves he is a racist and unfit to be president.


– Germany still doesn’t have a government in place yet and likely won’t until well into the new year. This just pours more cold water on the idea MMP works well in Germany and that is the direction we should go.


I will have a separate post up later today on the four Canadian ones on December 11th, the Alabama special election two days ago, and the Calgary-Lougheed one this evening.

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