Ontario political gong show update

If you thought things haven’t gotten crazy enough in Ontario politics think again. First staunch social conservative Tanya Granic Allen enters and now Patrick Brown enters. Seriously does the PC party actually want Wynne to get back in? Anyways thankfully I no longer live in Ontario, but a strong Canada requires a strong Ontario and I am not too optimistic. Hopefully either Elliott or Mulroney will come out on top as the other three I not only see as unelectable, I could not support any of them in good conscience. Patrick Brown by running again his shown how selfish he is. He cares more about himself than the party or province. Yes he has the right to try and clear his name, but he doesn’t need to drag the party down with it. He should quit as MPP and withdraw if he had any sense and go away. If they are false he will get another chance at a later date, but its too close to the next election for this.

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