Mid August political update

Okay here are my thoughts on a few things happening.

Justin Trudeau’s comments on women who asked a question on immigration

I believe Trudeau handled this quite poorly.  It is not racist to ask about the cost of illegal/irregular border crossers and he could have simply said we have an international obligation to process anyone who seeks asylum and we are working on ways to expedite the process so those accepted can begin their new life in Canada and those who are rejected are removed quickly.  Instead he calls the woman racist for even asking the question and has RCMP take her out.  I despise the divisive polarization and hate that is rising globally, but going to the other extreme won’t solve it, if anything it just emboldens those who are bigots and also sends a chill that any questioning of our immigration system even if legitimate will get you called a racist by the PM.

Safe Injection sites paused in Ontario

I have mixed feelings on this.  On the one hand safe injection sites do save lives thus the benefits of having them, but I can also understand why the neighbourhoods they are being put in, might face some backlash.  It is one thing if you have a drug infested neighbourhood like the Downtown Eastside in Vancouver, quite another when dispersed like in Toronto.  It made be good for the city as a whole, but if it means more drug users congregating in one area, this hurts local businesses, devalues property values, and makes the neighbourhood less liveable and this needs to be considered.  What is best for the addicts is important, but they are not the only ones that matter, local businesses and residents do too.  The reality is while there are around 100 safe injection sites globally, only a handful of countries have several in them all over the country in multiple communities, most only have a few in the high drug use areas so having multiple safe injection sites in every city across the country would put us out of step with most.  A better solution is in cities with a major opioid crisis, allow hospitals to set up temporary safe injection sites as well as perhaps have mobile ones like Kelowna and Kamloops do as well as Montreal so you can reach the users without harming the local neighbourhood.

Quebec and New Brunswick Elections

The campaigns for both provinces are kicking off shortly.  I will have more on each as we get closer to election day which is September 24, 2018 in New Brunswick and October 1, 2018.  At the moment, I would vote for the New Brunswick Progressive Conservatives led by Blaine Higgs and the Quebec Liberals led by Philippe Couillard.  I will have more on why as we get closer to election day.  In the case of Quebec actually you have two good choices as both CAQ leader Francois Legault and PLQ leader Philippe Couillard are fiscal conservatives so I think either one would make a very good premier and will be happy with either one winning.  By contrast I am not too pleased with the job Brian Gallant has done and do not believe he and his Liberal party deserve re-election.

UPDATE: Looks like the women Trudeau called racist actually did make racist remarks that were not shown in the video most media outlets have shown.  Still when questioned on this, he should have mentioned that as I think most would be more sympathetic then whereas calling someone a racist for asking a monetary question on immigration may appeal to your left wing ultra PC downtown types, but is a huge turnoff to the middle of road voters that matter most.  Most of us are not on either pole, otherwise not Trump like racists, but not ultra PC types who any questioning on immigration policy is seen as racist.

UPDATE #2:  Turns out the women was from a white supremacist group so a hindsight was correct what he said.  Now did he know this in which case I support what he did or did he just get lucky this time.  If the latter he should be careful as maybe next time he won’t be so lucky, but at the same time the Tories should just keep quiet about this.  The super political correctness of Trudeau may turn people off, but it seems every time Tories comment they just open to charges of racism, so when your opponent is burning himself day, stay quiet, don’t jump in and then get burned yourself which is what it seems they did.

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