Quick Political update pre-Labour Day

Two things to update, which are the court decision on Transmountain Pipeline and potential ban of assault weapons and hand guns.

Transmountain Pipeline

The court ruling was a huge disappointment and must be appealed.  The decision on the pipeline has dragged on way too long and just plays into the idea BC and Canada are not friendly places to do business.  Had the government pushed through the pipeline and were it already under construction, I feel this ruling while still possible would have been less likely due to circumstances.  Also shows what a waste the $4.5 billion was to buy the pipeline that may never get built when we already had a private company ready to build it.

Gun Bans

Bill Blair’s new mandate letter asks him to investigate into the idea of banning hand guns and assault weapons.  I support looking into this and think in order to both save lives and reduce the supply of firearms this should be thoroughly considered.  I realize there are challenges so I am willing to settle for just tougher rules for restricted weapons, but would if possible prefer an outright ban.  You don’t need AR15s or other variants to hunt while for target shooting, guns can be left at the range so they are secured and not readily available.  I would support an exemption for competitive target shooters to own hand guns, but for everyone else, they would have to be left at the range.  The Tories will unfortunately oppose this and while nowadays being for stronger gun control is seen as a left wing idea, that does not necessarily have to be the case.  Many countries such as UK and Australia have brought in tougher gun laws under Conservative governments so it really seems to be primarily in North America and a minority of European countries where the right is supportive of gun rights, but in most places this is a non-partisan issue.

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