I support the UN Global compact on Migration

A lot of people on the right today are making a lot of noise about the UN global compact on migration.  While not perfect by any means and there are a few things that can be changed, I believe Canada is right to sign on and the Conservatives should quite their fearmongering.  Most of the countries opposed are in Eastern Europe, while outside of there you have Austria, Italy, and Switzerland (all countries where far right parties are part of the governing coalition) while countries like Germany, Netherlands, and UK who have centre-right governments are signing on.  Elsewhere you have Australia, Israel, Japan, and United States.  The last one has a racist president, Japan has a long history of almost zero immigration while Israel as the only Jewish state understandably wants to ensure it remains predominately Jewish due to the persecution Jews have faced in the past.  So my point is asides from Australia, Tories’ policy puts us in bad company.  Many of the fears are wrong and unfounded.  It does not impinge on our sovereignty as Canada still has the right to decide its own immigration policy, it simply involves greater cooperation with others and I believe Canada does better when we work with others rather than isolate ourselves.  It does not force us to accept illegal immigrants, in fact it actually is trying to reduce illegal immigration if you read the whole thing.  On the issue of free speech, I am somewhat concerned here, but since voluntarily, I think the fear here is over the top.  Media should though on all issues report the facts not fearmonger and likewise promoting hatred is something that belongs in the fringes not the mainstream.  Canada was built on immigration and as a founding member of the UN and one of only two countries who has always paid its dues in full and on time; signing on makes sense and meshes well with our traditional foreign policy.  I don’t think the former Progressive Conservatives led by either Joe Clark or Brian Mulroney would be taking the position the current Conservatives are and I would like to see our Conservatives return to its Progressive Conservative roots and marginalize the Reform elements.

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