Carbon Tax and By-election

The Saskatchewan supreme court ruled in a 3-2 split that the federal carbon tax backstop is constitutional.  At the moment it is a win for the federal government, but the split decision means we probably won’t know one way or another until the Supreme Court rules.  My view all along is the federal government should just impose a revenue neutral carbon tax so this would avoid the whole issue.  While there is some worry of double taxation for provinces like BC that already have a carbon tax, it is important to note most taxes be it sales tax, income tax, or corporate taxes are levied at both levels so no reason why a carbon tax cannot be while being mindful of provincial levels to ensure the rate is not too high.

Greens easily win in Nanaimo-Ladysmith so while no a huge shock, no doubt a huge boost for them.  While early to say whether a Green wave will occur federally or not, I do think there is a strong chance there will be more Green MPs this fall and this does bode well for them, although the chances of them cracking the 12 seat mark needed for official party status is still a long shot.  Southern Vancouver Island has long been a hot bed for Green support so while good news that doesn’t mean it will translate everywhere nationally, but certainly this plus recent provincial results bode well for them.

As a side note I will be away for the next two weeks so will not be able to blog on the Newfoundland election on May 16th, but hopefully the PCs win there and will have more to say when I return.

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