Two Big Events Abroad

While my focus has been primarily on what is going on in Canada, there are two major events going on abroad and below are my thoughts.  I will later today if time permits try to do a post on climate change.

United Kingdom

The court has ruled Johnson’s prorogation violated the law and ordered parliament to be re-opened.  With parliament unable to agree on a Brexit deal and demanding an extension to prevent no deal and also not wanting an election, we are in unchartered territory.  I believe at this point, indecision is most harmful and better to either do one of the following two things:

  1. Call another referendum with three choices on a ranked ballot, which are a) cancel Brexit b) Leave on Theresa May’s chequer’s deal c) leave with no deal and whichever passes the government would be obliged to implement in six months from the date of the referendum.
  2. Try to get a deal with Brussels, but if none received, leave on October 31st with no deal.  While a no deal would be bad, indecision just creates uncertainty so better to at least know what is the final plan and go form there.

This could also have impacts on Canada as we use the Westminster parliamentary system so if one of our PMs tries to prorogue to avoid a confidence vote like Harper did in 2008, the courts would have a precedent to step in and block it

United States

Democrats are now considering the possibility of launching impeachment proceedings against Donald Trump.  This is based on the call he made to the Ukrainian prime-minister to investigate into Joe Biden’s son.  He released the transcript and no smoking gun.  While this is quite serious, I worry launching impeachment will just help Trump get re-elected in 2020 so with election just over a year away, focus should be on defeating Trump.  Trump is a rogue president who has abused his power, but I believe defeating him in the next election not impeachment is the best way to resolve this.

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