Scheer Resigns

Wow just wow, but absolutely great to hear.  It was clear with him doubling down on his errors that cost the party the election, the party was never going to form government with Scheer as PM.  Trying to stay on would have just lead to a divisive leadership race so stepping aside was the right thing.  Also it appears there are allegations he used Conservative party money to fund his children’s education at private schools and that is a serious allegation and alone is sufficient to demand resignation.  Still while a positive step, the party must choose someone who is different and will deal with the weaknesses I mentioned in earlier blog.  If they do not tackle those, they will face similar results next time around, but at least with Scheer gone and Bernier gone too as in a different party, most of the frontrunners are more moderate and more electable.  Still with the base being unabashedly right wing there is a risk some dark horse wins so its important moderates step up to the plate to ensure the party moderates.  Anyways hoping with UK election today, this is the day where both the parties I criticized in two post earlier of pandering too much to their base and not enough to middle of the road voters see their leaders go.  Jeremy Corbyn going after he loses tonight, so one down, one to go.

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