Trudeau Phone home

Two major events have been happening and below is my view on both.  The first is Trudeau has been jet setting around the globe to try and win a UN security council seat.  I am all for us attempting this but not at all costs.  Its not the end of the world if we lose as we can still have influence even without the seat and I don’t believe desire to get one should mean giving up our domestic priorities or values.  So Trudeau should get his butt home and deal with the domestic issues which are more pressing.

The other issue is the blockades across the country.  Wet’suwet’en protest over coastal gaslink across the country is shutting down traffic causing headaches for many commuters while disrupting transport on rail.  I support protests as those are a fundamental part of democracy, but you don’t have the right to interfere with others and as such I believe those who are setting blockades should be arrested.  They can protest on the side where their voice is heard without hurting others.  Also it is important to note the majority of elected band councils along the pipeline route support it as it will mean jobs for their communities and more revenue to help improve standard of living.  It is a few hereditary chiefs who are against it so idea First Nations overwhelmingly oppose this is wrong.  In fact majority support it.  Never mind most of the protesters are white not First Nations and most are your social justice warrior type who simply want to latch on to every left wing cause and to Hell with how it impacts others including the communities they claim they want to help.  No wonder you are seeing a backlash against your urban woke millennials in many other countries and will be interesting to see how Canadians respond here.  I am all for reconciliation but that means actually working with and listening to the First Nations communities themselves.  And believe it or not, that is what Coastal gaslink did.  That is how we deal with it, not a bunch of urban woke SJW millennials who don’t really have a clue about the issue and simply want to cause trouble to promote their leftist ideology.  They are actually doing a disservice to the communities they claim to want to help.  So by all means Trudeau and Horgan should reach out to Wet’suwet’en on this as well as work with Coastal gaslink while those woke SJWs should quit disrupting things and those who continue with blockades should be arrested and charged.  

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