BC early election call

Horgan has decided to call an early and opportunistic election. While he has been riding high in the polls, BC is seeing a strong uptick in cases, so this seems like an incredibly dumb idea. Its one thing if government already had a scheduled election like Saskatchewan does, that is fair. But to call an opportunistic election in the middle of a pandemic, especially with rising cases is the height of irresponsibility. Considering how weak Wilkinson is and Horgan’s popularity, good chance it pays off. But it could blow up in his face, just ask David Peterson how calling an early opportunistic election worked back in 1990. I have no idea how this will turnout. Anything from an NDP landslide to BC Liberal majority seems plausible. Although my guess is things tighten but NDP still gets their much wanted majority, but again its a big gamble so how it turns out is anyone’s guess at this point. Probably in a week or two after some polls, we will have a better idea of whether there is a backlash or not.

As for how I will vote: I am a BC Liberal so off course will vote for them, but will say no fan of Andrew Wilkinson so won’t be upset if he loses. He is BC’s version of Michael Ignatieff, smart but zero charisma, too old guard, and disconnected from people. Despite disagreeing with Horgan on many issues, I do believe he has handled the pandemic very well and had he not gone early, he would probably be unbeatable next year. Still this early opportunistic call will just re-enforce the idea he is a typical politician and needs to pay for it.

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