Can we just get competent politicians for a change?

In last week, we had two very damning stories against two main parties. This brings me to my concern is why can’t we have competent politicians who are not overly ideological and avoid making stupid mistakes. On Liberal side, there is concern about foreign interference, while on Tory side, three MPs including one former leadership candidate decided to meet with a far right German MEP

For Liberals, there are allegations that Trudeau knew about China’s interference in our elections as far back as 2019 and did nothing. Also allegations Han Dong got direct assistance from Chinese consulate in Toronto. At this point these are just allegations and both have right to ensure full investigation and be judged accordingly. Still if this is true, and that is a big if, this is very serious. Han Dong should immediately resign from Liberal caucus and sit as independent until full investigation is complete. If cleared, then I am fine with him rejoining Liberal caucus. But if found to either have been directly involved or known about it and did nothing, then he needs to resign as MP. For Trudeau, he needs to call for a full public inquiry into this and if he either was directly involved or had knowledge and did nothing, he must resign as PM. Whether the interference altered the election outcome or not is irrelevant. Any foreign interference in our elections irrespective of who benefits must not be tolerated and must be serious consequences. It is up to the Canadian people and Canadian people only to decide who governs us. And this applies to all foreign governments not just China.

But if this was an example of a big scandal that could hurt Liberals, Tories shot themselves in the foot with three MPs meeting with far right German MEP, Christine Anderson. Only time any MP should be allowed to meet with someone who is from a far right party is if they are in government in which case we have to work with all leaders even those they dislike. But since AfD is not part of the German government and in fact under investigation for potentially violating their hate laws; our MPs should not have anything to do with any member of that party. And I don’t accept excuse we didn’t know. One thing you always do when meeting with someone else is due diligence and research on them. Not doing so is inexcusable. As such Poilievre if serious about making party a modern one that appeals to Canadians and is tolerant needs to boot those three MPs out of caucus. Yes I realize with Reform act he cannot alone, but he needs to bring forward such motion and clearly speak in favour of booting them out. No mainstream party should have room for people who associate with Nazis, Anti-Semites, Islamophobes, and bigots. And this excuse they are afraid may split right with PPC won’t fly. Some things are just morally wrong and one should do the right thing irrespective of whether it helps or hurts their party. Same goes with Liberal foreign interference. A party must reject it even if they are beneficiary. Yes I get all parties try to make decisions which help improve chances their party will win. But there are certain moral standards we should all hold and one should stick true to those irrespective of political consequences. Turning a blind eye to foreign interference and hanging out with a far right politician are both clear lines that should be drawn in sand.

One thought on “Can we just get competent politicians for a change?

  1. You are dead right Miles on both counts as far as I am concerned. I would add that in my experience, competence and integrity are inextricably linked. People with sufficient integrity take the time and responsibility to be competent; and people who are competent understand and meet, preferably exceed, the bare minimum requirements for integrity in their decisions and actions. A whole lot of sunlight is needed here on both parties. The excuses and rationale offered thus far, both from Trudeau on his handling of election interference, and from the PC boobs who think its OK to meet an extremist without doing any due diligence on who they are spending time with, hold no water whatsoever with me.

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