Return of Blogging

I am now well enough to blog again so hope to start doing one or two a week depending on how busy I am. In terms of recent events, I will have more in the upcoming blogs, but just a few odds and ends.

1. I was very disappointed the PCs choose Doug Ford as their next leader. I feel they made a big mistake here. He may still win, but they made what was an easily winneable election that much harder. Also even if he does win, if he governs like he did at city hall; he will likely be a one term wonder. Simplistic slogans may appeal to some, but it makes it easy for your opponent’s to attack and is not the solution in today’s complex world. Thankfully I don’t live in Ontario so don’t have to make the agonizing decision. But my thoughts are: I cannot vote for Wynne – too left wing and too arrogant; cannot vote for Howarth – too fiscally irresponsible; cannot vote for Ford – too much of a loudmouth boor with little in policy. So I could decline my ballot, but I am now leaning towards the idea of individuals should vote for the best local candidate. A PC minority is probably the best outcome as it keeps Ford on a tight leash. But actually my ideal solution would be a PC majority with Doug Ford losing his own seat and then when someone steps aside for him, he also loses there. This would give what I want and if polls are correct what many Ontarioans want; a PC government but with a leader other than Doug Ford. That being said I will try to keep an open mind, but if Ford wants this blog’s endorsement he has got his work cut out over the next 72 days

2. BC Budget: was okay but definitely had some mistakes. With the NDP’s big spending promises, it was inevitable it would either involve a deficit or higher taxes. So some good and bad news here. Good news is corporate taxes didn’t go up which would make us less competitive nor did the top marginal rate which would put our combined federal + Provincial over 50%, but they did introduce a payroll tax and speculation tax. On the payroll tax, that is a preferable way to eliminate MSP premiums than higher income taxes or corporate, but still believe it will be bad for business and discourage more hiring. I think an increased carbon tax and taxes from marijuana sales is the best route to replace the lost money from eliminating MSP Premiums, which I support. Nonetheless I believe imposing the payroll tax in 2019 while not eliminating MSP premiums until 2020 is wrong; they should be done at the same time and also taxpayer funded bodies should be exempt from the payroll tax. As for the speculation tax, that was poorly thought out and should be scrapped for Canadians. Instead they should tax real estate flipping as well foreign owned ones which are the real problem, not people’s vacation homes which are not an issue.

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