Ontario Budget in brief

By and large the budget was what was to be expected. An election budget filled with goodies. The programs themselves may seem worthy, but my problem is the government is still running a deficit even when the economy is firing on full cylinders and interest rates are record low. If the economy should slow down or interest rates rise, the deficit will get much worse. My real problem is the complete lack of fiscal discipline which may win votes in the short-term but will be harmful in the long-term when the bill comes home. More importantly this reeks of desperation from a party trailing badly in the polls and it is my hope most voters see through it. Will be interested to see the costing of the NDP and PC platforms but expect the NDP to worse while worry with Doug Ford’s vagueness and simplicity he won’t have the answers, but hope I am wrong. I do support the tax changes in eliminating the surtax and replacing with actual rates, that is perhaps one of the few good things, but otherwise I give this budget a D overall.

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