NDP Surge in Ontario?

Looking at the polls it is clear something is happening in Ontario and the concept of an NDP government no longer seems so far fetched.  While we will have to wait until probably next week to have a firmer idea, with the NDP possibly being on the way to forming government, it is important they come under great scrutiny.  I believe Wynne needs to go and think Ford was a bad choice for the PCs.  If the PCs lose, they have no one to blame but themselves for choosing such a bad leader who appeals well to the angry base but very limited beyond that.  That being said many of the NDP policies are very bad for Ontario and those voting for them should think long and hard.  Below are just a few.

  1. NDP wants to raise the top marginal rate by 2% which while that may not sound like a big deal, that will mean Ontario will have the highest top marginal rate in North America.  This will make it tougher to attract talent.  In BC which was the lowest, it was less of an issue as we are still the third lowest.
  2. NDP wants to raise corporate taxes to 13% which will make Ontario the highest outside of Atlantic Canada.  Raising it 0.5% to 12% would be fine as that would just bring it in line with other provinces, but going a percent higher makes the province less attractive.
  3. Wants to raise the minimum wage to $15/hour right away giving business no time to prepare.  I am fine with it being raised to that but should give business sufficient time to prepare as even the NDP in Alberta and BC recognized.
  4. Would refuse to ever order back a strike even if in the public interest.
  5. Has several unqualified and radical candidates.  All parties have this issue, but NDP even more so.
  6. Made a arithmetic mistake thus a deficit $1.4 billion even higher per year and if heaven forbid we go into a recession or interest rates go up, the already heavy debt could become worse.
  7. Want to make Ontario a sanctuary province.  While I don’t advocate checking one’s immigration status if they need assistance, one needs to be careful in promoting this as it could just encourage more illegals to come to Ontario which will cost the system more.  I think what is done now works fine and should be left as is.

I understand why most want the Liberals gone and how many are uncomfortable with Doug Ford being premier, but before voting NDP one should think long and hard.  If you don’t like the three options, voting Green, Libertarian, or even declining your ballot are all options.  There is still 2 weeks left so hopefully NDP comes under a lot more scrutiny and people understand the risks of electing them no matter how likeable Horwath may be.

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