Brief Ontario update

Seems polls are all over the place, but either way something is happening and what should have been an easy PC win, won’t be.  Whatever happens, under no circumstance may Ford be the leader going into the next election after this.  He has proven himself to be unfit to be leader.  Also at this point, if I lived in Ontario, local candidate would matter a lot.  Therefore I believe strong candidates like Christine Elliott, Caroline Mulroney, Rod Philips, Denzil Minnan Wong, Vic Fideli, Lisa McLeod, Peter Bethlenfalvy are all strong candidates and all deserve to be elected as the party is more than just one person.  You need a strong cabinet if they win, and strong MPPs who can pick up the pieces if they don’t.  I also would urge those in both Etobicoke North and London West not to vote PC.  Doug Ford is unfit to be leader so ensuring he loses his seat is a fast easy way to get rid of him and hopefully he goes back to working at Deco and leaves politics for good.  Likewise Andrew Lawton also deserves to lose too for his Rebel media ties and racist views.  So if I lived in Ontario, I would still vote PC in many ridings despite my dislike of Ford, but there are a few where I wouldn’t, although would not vote Liberal or NDP in any; I would either vote Libertarian, Green or decline my ballot.  For the remainder of the election, PCs need to focus on policies which are reasonably sound unlike the NDP and also showcase the team more who in most cases are far more qualified than Doug Ford.  This contrast with the NDP who have a very capable leader but a weak slate of candidates.

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