Quick BC Update

While most of my focus has been on Ontario politics, here is a quick BC update.  There are two issues I believe the NDP is handling quite badly.

  1.  Pipelines – Horgan’s behavior on this is creating a national unity crisis and I think he needs to defuse this fast.  Even if it means the Greens pulling the plug, it is the right thing to do.  Yes we need to take action on climate change, but it would be silly to leave our resources which are in high demand undeveloped.  There should be lots of consultation during the building of the pipeline, especially with First Nations along the route, but it should get built.
  2. School tax – Despite its name, this is just a tax on homes worth more than $3 million.  Some may say those who can afford homes that expensive can afford to pay more tax, but they forget many who bought those homes did so years ago at much lower prices and are not necessarily rich.  All this will do is make things harder for seniors living in those areas as well as lead to more gentrification since those who are not rich will have no choice but to sell making those neighbourhoods even more gentrified then now.  A better solution, which Andrew Wilkinson is proposing is to tax flipping properties which is the main thing driving up prices as well as I would be fine taxing sales over $3 million, just not ownership of it beyond current property taxes.

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