Quick Ontario update

It is looking more and more like an NDP win is not just a possibility but a likelihood, so here is my hope for the three parties.

Liberals: As much as I want Wynne gone, Ontario needs a centrist alternative available, not just a left/right polarization so I hope the Liberals can at least scrape off 10-15 seats, so if the PCs still do win and mess up there is a reasonable alternative and if the NDP wins and the PCs choose someone too far to the right as their next leader, this option is available.

NDP: I am becoming more and more resigned to the fact Horwath is likely to be the next premier of Ontario.  I don’t like it one bit and think it will be a disaster economically, but my hope is the NDP don’t win at all, but if they do, at least only a minority so they are kept in check and cannot adopt all their radical elements.

PCs: Whatever happens, Doug Ford has proven as I said all along someone who is unfit to be leader of the party and unfit to be premier.  He needs to go as leader shortly after June 7th.  Likewise to prevent the party from electing another unelectable leader, I suggest it is time to go back to delegated conventions.  The grassroots have shown themselves over and over again that they are more interested in ideological purity than electability so its time to return the power to the party establishment who actually have an interest in winning.

Also this should be a wake up call to Conservatives coast to coast: Stop running on a strongly right wing platform.  Your fantasies of electing right wing governments in Canada won’t happen so focus on what is doable not necessarily what is your ideal.  Hopefully both Kenney and Scheer are paying close attention.  With Trudeau’s mess ups, the Tories can win federally, but they are going to need to do a lot better than the Ontario PCs in running their campaign if they want to.  Likewise this should be a warning to Kenney that a big lead in the polls doesn’t guarantee success on election day so be careful, don’t push it too far.

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