Maxime Bernier’s new party

My thoughts on Maxime Bernier leaving are good riddance.  Clearly he cared more about himself and was not a team player.  As for the party not being pure enough, maybe that is because they want to win and in Canada you win by being close to the centre not on the fringes.  Will it hurt the Conservatives, in the short term yes; but long term maybe the more right wing elements will leave.  I don’t think Scheer is the best leader to defeat Trudeau, but nor do I think Bernier is either.  The reality is if the party wants to win and do a good job while in government it needs to move closer to the centre and be a broad moderate centre-right coalition, much like the Progressive Conservatives under Mulroney were, BC Liberals, Saskatchewan Party, or Manitoba Progressive Conservatives, that is how Conservatives win.  Split or not split until the party returns to its centre-right roots it will continue to lose.  As for his whole issue on supply management, I am no fan of supply management myself, but when being attacked by Donald Trump, the last thing you do is give in, we need to stand strong and until the US is willing to give up something, there is absolutely no reason we should.  Supply management should only be phased out if we can get greater access to the US market elsewhere and same with the EU so until then as flawed as it may be, I believe it should stay in place.  As for political correctness and multiculturalism, I think what Bernier is doing is just plain dog whistling.  Sure Trudeau virtue signals a bit too much, but at the end of the day it is up to each individual to decide what aspects of their cultural heritage they wish to keep or not keep, not up to the state, so as long as one is following the laws and not harming anyone, they should be free to do what they wish.  Bernier playing this up, is just a dog whistle to bigots which we should not be doing.

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