NAFTA update

Mexico and the United States appear to have reached a deal on NAFTA.  While the devil is in the details, I believe both the government and some conservatives are not handling this well.  In the case of the government, I agree we shouldn’t just give Trump whatever he wants, but we should be at the negotiating table not standing aside as it looks like we may have a take it or leave it, when we should actively be trying to get the best deal possible; not be stuck with a choice of accept the deal or face termination of NAFTA, which would be devastating to our economy.  I also think Trudeau trying to bring in all types of issues unrelated to trade like Indigenous and gender issues was unhelpful.  I am not saying those aren’t important, they are; but a smart PM knows there is a time and place for everything whereas on some issues it seems Trudeau is so fixated on them thus trying to bring them into every debate even where not appropriate.  At the same time I don’t agree with Harper’s stance which seemed to be we just capitulate and give the US what they want.  We need to set certain red lines since if we come across as a push over, the US will go after us elsewhere and that is not what we want.  On the issue of supply management, I am skeptical of it, but we should not dismantle or loosen it without the US agreeing to grant greater access to their market.  Otherwise if they agreed to grant unfettered access for our lumber industry (rather than the 31% limit we have now under the softwood lumber deal) that might be a worthy trade off for dismantling supply management, but without agreeing to greater access, we should not be granting them greater access anywhere.

2 thoughts on “NAFTA update

  1. I’m not sure this new trade deal is all its fans are claiming for it – some comparisons to North Korea have been made. Let’s see if Trump’s still talking about it a week from now. And Mexico is quite clear that they want Canada in as well. This whole thing is far from over, and we are far from shut out.

    As a conservative, I’m not impressed with the federal or provincial (Ontario) Conservative attacks on JT. Ford in particular is getting way too mouthy for a guy who was a drag on his party and was carried over the finish line on the backs of Mulroney and Elliott. I’ve never been more discouraged about conservatism.

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    1. Agree Ford should take a more low key profile like John Horgan is in BC who was also a liability. In addition conditions were ripe for a PC blowout so his win while sizeable, the PCs would have won no matter who was leader as people were tired of Wynne and the NDP seemed too risky to too many. I am not overly impressed with the federal Conservatives either, but not happy with Justin Trudeau either. Seems both are pandering too much to their ideological bases. To be fair though much of the focus now is on fundraising not winning over swing voters and generally it is the hardcore base who donate, not middle of the road voters, but it is the latter who determine the winner of the elections.


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