Trudeau Gun Control Promises

If there was a perfect time politically to drop the idea of an assault weapons ban for Liberals it was now.  While no fan of the Liberals, this is a great pivot and throws the ball back in the Conservative’s court.  Obviously devil is in the details but I generally agree despite not being a Liberal fan and still don’t planning on voting for them, but agree on this so one could thing if they get re-elected.

Certainly the definition of what is a military assault weapon is problematic, but still anything that gets guns like AR15s that are frequently used in mass shootings out of civilian hands is a good thing.  Looking at the numbers and cost, I suspect this will look more like the assault weapons bans currently in place in California and New York than what exists in Australia or is being implemented in New Zealand.  Otherwise doesn’t look like a full semi-automatic ban, just a ban on military style semi-automatics.  I would be for a ban on both, but realize with high cost that might be a step too far so its a good start.

On handguns, I think the plan is unworkable.  Either ban them completely nationally or leave as is.  If concerned about thefts but don’t want to deal with high cost of a buyback, there are a couple of solutions.

  1.  Except for competitive target shooters (who would face strict home storage requirements), recreational target shooters would have to store their guns at nearest police station and check them out whenever they go target shooting.
  2. For home storage require all vaults to be difficult to break and require the use of biometrics, otherwise either eye scan or fingerprints to open

Still I think this is quite reasonable and the Tories should be broadly supportive and only should be non-committal in the sense of wanting to see the devil in the details, not against the concept.  This will also involve a buyback which is good and gun owners will have a full two years to turn them over and receive money back at fair market value.

So in sum, on most issues quite critical of Justin Trudeau, but in broad strokes agree here.  Off course I am not a rabid partisan and unlike some who are so tribal that it is always my party right and your party wrong, I look at each issue individually.

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