Quick Atlantic update

So far early going and nothing horribly surprising, but here are my thoughts so far:

Liberals: Major drop in vote, but seat wise not so bad, but unlike in 2015 where they won most by big margins, many are being decided by much smaller margins.  Still they are doing slightly better than polls and no Liberal realistically expected another sweep so an okay start.

Conservatives: While haven’t picked up quite as many seats as they may have hoped to, the vote swing between 2015 and 2019 is quite impressive and a swing of that magnitude nationally would produce a Conservative majority.  However that won’t happen as Conservatives had a rock bottom showing in 2015 so I think most of us expected them to partially rebound which they have so far

NDP: They have one seat with Jack Harris, but overall vote does not show a Singh surge at least so far.  Mind you with Atlantic Canada being far more rural, they don’t exactly have the demographics for one.

Green Party: Doing not too bad and leading at this moment in Fredericton so may win a seat or at least are doing well in areas they have provincially.

People’s Party: Less than 1% so total flip for Mad Max here.

At this point nothing unusual to suggest any surprises so far.  Will have a full update if we know the results tonight and a full write up tomorrow on results.  Just wanted to get this out before polls close from Quebec to Alberta.

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