Rona out, Charest out, MacKay in, and other no names

So it is official Rona Ambrose is not running for Conservative leadership and neither is Jean Charest.  First is a huge disappointment as I think she would have been a great addition, but fully understand her decision not to run.  Jean Charest probably chose not to as base would never accept him which is too bad since although he wouldn’t have been my first choice, I do think he could have helped modernize the party and also make inroads in Quebec.  Never mind when it comes to selling Energy East to Quebec, I think he could have helped too.  Unless some big name enters, at this point I plan to endorse Peter MacKay.  I will give a more full endorsement why I think he should be next Conservative leader and prime-minister once he rolls out some of his platform items.  As for smaller candidates; while some are interesting I feel asides from MacKay, O’Toole, and Poilievre, none of the others have a realistic chance at winning leadership and it would be best to have a smaller field so there could be a debate on the direction of the party.  One candidate who I hope doesn’t meet the criteria is Richard Decarie.  His comments on homosexuality being a choice and that he would repeal gay marriage were appalling and have no place in the modern Conservative party.  People like him are what turn away moderate voters the party needs to pick up.  Thankfully, his comments on CTV were condemned by all leadership candidates and other Tory MPs so looks like within party establishment at least his views are on the fringe.  Hopefully grassroots also reject him too.

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