Poilievre out and state of race

In a big shock, Pierre Poilievre bowed out saying he wanted to spend more time with his family.  Can fully understand this and also as someone who felt he would have been a liability to the party, glad he is not running.  He is also young enough he has time to improve his image and run at some future date.  Richard Decarie may not have a lot of support, but I do think party should ban him from running.  As a big tent party, debate and different viewpoints should be encouraged, but when one crosses the line into bigotry by claiming being gay is a choice, that should not be tolerated.  Many say it looks like a MacKay coronation and that is probably true, although with no candidate from the West or major from the right wing of the party, I don’t think it will be as big a landslide as some think although do believe MacKay is still likely to win.  Some are questioning whether leader must be bilingual and my view is a leader must be able to speak to all Canadians therefore any leader who cannot debate in both official languages, cannot answer questions from reporters in both official languages is not fit to be leader.  Just because there aren’t many Francophones in Western Canada doesn’t mean therefore one doesn’t need to speak French; party must represent all parts of the country and that includes Quebec where the predominate language is French.

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