Blockades serve no purpose, time to end them

Current blockades over the Wet’suetew’en solidarity protests are undoubtedly taking a toll on our economy.  Already CN and VIA rail has laid off some and are making many inconvenienced angry.  As such I believe the protesters are doing more harm than good.  As I’ve always said on any issue, its not about feeling good, its about winning the war on public opinion and inconveniencing people or weakening the economy is not going to win you over any friends.  The public is undoubtedly polarized with many who oppose these, primarily on the right upset government isn’t taking action to end them.  By same token many on left not only support protesters but fear trying to shut down will just result in another Oka or Ipperwash.  Others even claim those opposed to them are racists and colonialists.  Like on a lot of issues, I am getting increasingly fed up with woke SJWs.  Its not just a disagreement on issues, but more their approach.  They bully and insult anyone who doesn’t share their view and more or less come across as my way or highway rather than trying to find the best realistic solution.

It is important to remember all 20 elected band councils along Coastal Gaslink route support it as did 85% of Wet’suwet’en members and even 8 of 13 hereditary chiefs.  As such, it seems those protesters who are not First Nations are offside and if anything just using this as an excuse to promote their left wing policies.  Some such as those Mohawks blockading rail line are from First Nation’s groups but they are a minority.

So here is what I believe is the solution.  Time for PM and government to step up and demand all non-First Nations blockades end immediately or they will be arrested.  Free speech is a cornerstone of democracy, but all rights end when you impact another’s right.  By all means those concerned should have a rally on parliament hill, fine with that, but not this.  For First Nation’s protesters, I believe PM should promise to meet with them for dialogue on the condition they end blockades.  We do need more dialogue and reconciliation but cannot have our economy held hostage.  Never mind if want Canada to succeed economically we need to allow for development of resources.  Never mind many First Nations want to see standard of living improve and this helps on this front.  So it is time for Trudeau to grow a pair and end these blockades.  Also quite appealing to your woke SJWs, you will never satisfy them as anything short of perfection isn’t good enough.

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