Nevada Caucus results and Democrats way forward

Sanders has won Nevada caucus and quite decisively.  I would say at this point, it goes without question Sanders is the frontrunner.  That doesn’t mean he is guaranteed to be the next nominee but definitely the favourite.  As I have blogged elsewhere, I believe this would be a huge gamble and greatly increase the chances of Trump winning re-election.  Still at this point there is time for someone to stop Sanders but time is running out.  While only three states have voted, there is the whole case of who has momentum and with moderates split, unless the coalesce around someone soon, I am afraid he will win a plurality.  Yes he can be stopped at a brokered convention, but that is very risky.  What the moderate Democrats need to do is stop treating him with kid gloves and hit him hard.  Point out he will raise taxes on anyone making over 29K whereas for others there will be no tax hikes on those making less than 250K (which is 98% of Americans, whereas most working Americans make over 29K).  Mention how under his health insurance plan, people will be forced onto the government plan with no option of keeping their private plans even those provided by employer.  Likewise this will throw 1.8 million Americans who work in the health insurance industry out of work.  His decision to ban fracking will cost the Democrats Pennsylvania making it next to impossible to win the White House.  He wants to double the size of federal government never mind has plan doesn’t come close to covering his spending promises.  Also on foreign policy show quotes about him praising Cuba, Venezuela, and USSR.  Republicans won’t hesitate to hit him with such attack ads, so Democrats need to stop him first and if they don’t the GOP will.  Also demand he release his health records.  This is a man who is 78 and will be 79 by election day and just had a heartattack last year.  There is a very high risk of him dying in office never mind with the work and stress load of being president probably fair to say even a healthy 78 year old in perfect shape is still at greater risk as one’s body just doesn’t have same level of stamina in their 80s as one does when younger.  Yes a lot of his supporters are anti-establishment, but polls show more Democrats will be voting for whom can defeat Donald Trump not who shares their values.  Never mind fact in open primaries many Republicans who still plan to vote Donald Trump this fall are signing up to support him says a lot.  Off course some Democrats said the same about Trump, but this is not a risk worth taking.

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