Coronavirus Update

Things are happening so fast that what I write here will probably be out of date in a few days.  Nonetheless, COVID-19 is growing like wildfire in North America and its important for people to heed warnings.  In terms of government handling, I think they’ve done a good job but made some mistakes.  Nonetheless, we have never had anything quite like this in recent memory so there really is no template to follow and its all about deciding what is best.  That being said, I think it is really critical people listen to experts and socially distance.  I am appalled that some people were down at the beaches on the weekend.  If we are to beat this, people must social distance.  This means staying home unless you have to and when outside keeping your distance and washing your hands.  Most are doing a good job of following recommendations, but a minority are not and they are hurting it for everyone else.

For the government, I’ve already said what I think they should do in terms of budget, but I believe since a minority are not following the rules, it is time to declare a state of emergency nationally and go into lockdown.  I don’t like the heavy hand of the state, but one of the most fundamental rights is the right to live and those who are not socially distancing themselves are not just putting themselves at risk but others too.  I believe government should draft rules that requires people to stay home except for limited circumstances and anyone outside without a valid reason will get fined.  I understand some people are worried about their paycheques and some small businesses worried about staying afloat thus why it is important for the government to get the money out the door quickly.  I think idea of a check of $2,000 to every Canadian is an idea I wholeheartedly support and for those who complain it would go to some wealthy who don’t need it, my solution is next year for 2020 taxes, those making under 30K get to keep it all, between 30K to 60K it is clawed back and if one makes over 60K, they pay the full amount back on top of their tax owing.  This ensures it helps those who need it most.  Also understands that some who made a lot of money in 2019, may be out of a job and thus need it thus why I say we do it based on 2020 incomes not 2019.

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