Emergency Act taxing powers

Global News has just confirmed that federal government wants to give itself unilateral power to raise and cut taxes without parliamentary approval until December 2021.  This is an outrageous abuse of power and absolutely must not be allowed.  Trying times likes these are where parties should be working together, not times where governments should try to expand their power beyond what normally would not be allowed.  Opposition needs to tell Liberals in no uncertain terms to remove this and if they don’t they will defeat them in a non-confidence motion as soon as virus ends.  I understand the need for government to get money out quickly, but no reason the budget cannot set a high amount available to be spent as needed and if things get worse they can recall a small number to approve more.  Reality is this is unlikely to last until December 2021 and this just appears to be a naked power grab.  It looks like Liberals want to dare the opposition to vote them down, but now is time to do what is best for country not play partisan games.

UPDATE: Liberals have removed this from bill, still fact they even entertained this is quite worrisome, but glad they backed down.

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